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You cannot heal by denying what you have experienced in life. You cannot claim your life back by attempting to avoid the truth. Everyone has wounds. Everyone must learn how to heal themselves and use the wisdom that is learned from those moments to inspire them to take actions that give back in ways to those that also hurt. That is just the natural cycle. Avoidance is inaction. Completions do not come from inaction. Completions come through effort. Completions are learned and earned. Find the connections that are presently lacking in your life. Places where you feel lost and disconnected are the places to look and work to awaken. You do not have to do everything alone. Forgiveness to self can come from that deep introspection. But it is often an easier path to find forgiveness through the journey of expressing who you are and having others understand, accept, and offer their forgiveness first. Then you know you are not alone. That is why we are all here with each other. To learn that more can be accomplished, healed, and transformed together. But you do have to be willing to look at the places that you have hidden away your heart. Only a fully revealed heart can be powerful enough to repel intense darkness.

~Suzanne Wagner

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