Callin all the bullshit out. That’s the only way?

Calling all the bullshit out is the only way two people can truly heal. And yes. It’s real rough on the flesh. The flesh gets stuck. Me and my Mama were both stuck in our brains after going in the same circles for years.

It’s takes a train wreck to stop a damn cycle!!

It takes a big jerk! To stop a train going in circles. And we? Were going in Circles. Opposing circles. We were bound. And bound to smack right into each other. Why? Cus we are related? Mom and daughter after all is said and done. And we both needed a jolt!

And to both come clean. The only way? Face the truth. Face the lies. And clean up the mess so we can have way better.

And that’s? Horrific. It’s horrifying. It’s shocking. It’s upsetting. And let’s face it. The world predominantly wants candy sweet positivity. But that’s just not reality. There’s always a negative to each picture.

Like sure? We love the cake. But baking it takes making a mess and cleaning it up? Our cake tasted bad. Mama can agree on that. We needed god to help us bake a way better cake. We needed some better ingredients. Like baking soda? And salt to make that cake light and airy and yummy. But baking soda and salt alone taste horrible. But in a cake? Or in a bath? They are amazing and healing.

And as much as my flesh wanted to just glaze over it all and just go on? That’s just not realistic. We both were missing a bunch of ingredients to see why our life cake was just flat and hard to eat. Adoption baked the worse cake for us. But? Throw adoption out the door cuz I learned how to bake way better.

I tried to warn Mama I was going public. And public was the o my way. Why? Cuz we both have been hiding the side of us that’s connected still. It’s genetic. It’s gods desire. And design.

I refuse to let our past hold us both back like this. And as a Capricorn? True to my sign? I know how to get folks fired up and get shit done. Even if it means going balls to the walls and showing my true hand. The hand of god hand.

I’m a gift.

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