My mother has dared to show me… such disrespect in her disregard..

I’ve endured many things in my lifetime. But none so abrasive as my own Mothers continual denials. I shutter to think of the denials my three sisters that she kept have felt. I told her on one of my visits when she proclaimed that she once did not speak to my sister lizzy bell as I call her for two years, that she needed to stop acting like that. It a very cruel behavior that has become a habit that’s much to me like drugs or alcohol use. She’s seem very intoxicated by it and very much seems it acceptable as an behavior. Maybe that is another reason why I feel exactly why god brought me home. And why I am saying such strong words towards her. It’s evil.

And very unbecoming of a Christian.

She’s caused me to act quite carnal. It’s like dealing with a brat who old and stuck in a very bad habit. It’s an ugly thing to see. And being as sensitive as I am, I’ve appeared to be a bit of an ugly mirror of her own behavior that she seems to wish to hide? It’s very distressing to see your own Mother in such a state of affairs.

I can see what Mama Jean was dealing with in me. Her skill as a trainer has made me the perfect candidate to deal with such a woman’s ugly behavior myself. Seems she needs a firm hand to her back side and a slap to that brain! Like a wack to the head to make a machine work more properly.

She has barked up a wrong tree with me. And I don’t take kindly to my own Mother treating me in the fashion in which she treats my sisters. Or me for that matter. And that is precisely why I feel God sent me home to her. To confront that kind of behavior. Blocking. Denying. Rejecting.

Giving me was a good thing because I got a woman who cared enough to be honest with me and confront that same behavior in me so that I could confront her now.

Oh I see clearly I was sent to deal with my own Mothers lack of sanity. A sanity that she never had. And my youngest daughter is not a person to even pass judgment onto me. Speaking my Mama Jeans money given with all the love in her heart. Doesn’t on drugs. A person who has no honor or idea why Mama Jean give all she has to me for standing by her after a man I called father wounded her heart, a heart I was left to repair with all the love a child of mine had to give. I stepped into the shoes of the man who left her and was a better man than he was to her.

Excuse me. I am outraged. And disgusted at such displays. And disrespect from a child who came from me and a woman I came from. Despicable. And excuse me if you don’t understand how the planets and stars work? That’s not my problem that my mother is to dumb to learn more than what some preacher speaks and pours over a book of history thinking she had any grasp of what those words mean.

God sent me straight from heaven to grow up without here to return and teach her a lesson she will never forget. And? Apparently? My own daughter too, lead astray by her own issues and blaming them on me.

You are god damned right I won’t let this be. Gods got a bone to pick with she and my daughter. And I am the best person to deal with them both. Right her publicly. Oh the flesh. So weak. Egos so strong that they both think God can’t break? Ha! I dare to speak? Damned right I speak. I’ve got good reasons to speak. My brother for one. And the others, my sisters and me.

You’ve run long enough Linda Marie. Caught in the web you’ve weaved when you yourself chose to deceive us all. But not me. Not at all. I’ve given her enough rope to hang herself in front of the world. And it’s time she got that needed help if my sister can now finally see to reason all the reasons I’m showing them I see.

I have no need of my Mothers money or her things in am offended that they even believed such a thing of their own sister. But not surprised. Mama planted that seed of poisonous weeds to divide us and keep herself cloaked. Twisting the scriptures to suit her own selfish needs.

My father and my sisters father were good men deceived by a twisted woman. Hell no I won’t darken her door until my sisters understand who I am and realize that she’s the one who’s divided us like sheep, but I’m no sheep. But a wolf that came home to deal with a wolf parading in sheep’s clothing.

Her time is up. She wreck her car after one visit which was a warning she didn’t not heed. She best be advised and my sisters too to realize I’m their friend above all. And to give this sister a call. I’ve seen enough. Gods judgments found its way home.

My mother helped my daughter due to the guilt she carries for her own drug use while carrying me.

I am the perfect person to confront her behavior for I have nothing to loose. And nothing I wish to gain but justice for myself and my sisters.

My mother is nothing more than a bully.

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