You don’t know what’s there until you go there and really take a good long hard look.

Got this on Facebook. Message received!!

People try to say I hold on to long. Why do you keep working? Let go? Well? It’s not me.

Cuz I let go along time ago. But my family? Didn’t let go of me. This is me meticulously cutting all ties. All ties. Closing out a cycle? Takes time. And patience.

And my family is let go already!! Well honeys? I am. You all don’t seem to realize where you are with me and who’s really blocking who? Gods blocking you from

Me now dearies. And it’s you let out in the cold harsh truth I have spoken. I’ve been forgiven long ago for all I felt and have shared here.

Some messages? Take time to come back around and slap a person in their face. I don’t shoot folks in the back. I shoot folks with words in the face.

God tapped me and said hey! Deal with those ha get oners. Loose the losers. Let go of those who are not true fans. So? Those who have stayed strong? Are in. Those who let go and disconnected? Are out. Kiss my dirt while I drive away.

The pain I have felt is for you sad souls that will soon see who the hell I am. I don’t gravel. You gravel. Why would I even desire a relationship with any person who could block and disrespect me? Ha! Ha! Ha!

The jokes. On all of you. Forget me. You lost me a long time ago. It I clean shit talkers out thoroughly. Including my own daughter.

This woman the raised me is a high roller and she took a chance on me. And she liked my father which spoke volumes to me. Cuz she would not lie to me. She never has candy coated the truth. Something you all could learn.

Cleaning out the mind of the child I used to be took time and work. Time and work I took my precious time to do because I don’t want to waste any energy on you. Any energy on anyone that’s not true blue.

I bless you. I wish you well.

God bless you.

Now let me go already.

Lord. Wipe me from the minds of those who would have been called family. I am my own person now and always was.

Some people? Really.

I saw all of you coming from miles away!

I was raised by a savage who’s so classy! Thank god I was adopted!

Man? So gullible. And naive. How dare you talk behind my back! I drove up to your house to take a look at the bullet I dodged. One last three times just to be safe. You know? Like using bleach? When you left me and went home to bleach me away? Wow!

I have no more time for you. It’s time for me.

And if my own daughter could not pay her attentions to my instructions? Well that’s on her not me.

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