She think she got to roll up and just act like she showed up after 30?

And she think she don’t even have to work? Throw some money, cloths? And withhold the truth? Not tell me what the fuck happened?

And open up to my daughter? Ha! That’s just so funny man. I found her. And at first she denied me. I prayed. I went to the higher power who granted me access! I found my sisters without even trying. I was looking for a picture? The lady on the phone knew her when I called the school to ask about my sister?

Man? Tripping over her own damn Ego. Tray to take down my youngest daughter with her? That’s precious. What a mess you made. And she thinks I’m gonna bend backwards? What a bunch of bullshit.

All I’ve been doing is watching that woman in motion. Trying to earn her way to heaven driving down a wide road. The narrow road would have been telling the truth to my face.

All of this is her disgrace. Not mine.

She must think I’m crazy? Cuz she’s crazy. Lazy blocker. Calling me some stalker. Her own daughter come back from the grave she thought she sent me too. Jokes on you boo.

Now you can watch me walking. Away.

Cuz after 57 years I don’t really need you.

You needed me but your to too.

I got no more time to wait for you.

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