Life is about learning to dance in your own rain….

Don’t be afraid of the storm

Be prepared for the storm

Because storms come

To bring rain

So flowers can grow

And god can change the Terrain.

Learn how to dance in the rain

To bring the umbrella

Wear those galoshes

And when to go in and get warm

I loved the storms when I was young. So much my Mama would buy me galoshes so I’d be warm while I jumped into every puddle and muddled the water, splashed all the haters who’s mothers didn’t even care if their kids were cold.

I had one of the biggest umbrellas that I shared with the kids who’s mother has not trained them to bring an umbrella, to busy to care if they were out in the rain. My Mama made sure I could share my big umbrella for children of mothers like that.

Your either in or your out. But I offered my umbrella to a woman and she chose to stand out in the rain.

My umbrella was so big we could hurtle and watch the rain drop puddle while we waited on the bus to go to school. I learned more out in the rain them I did in that room. Called school from the school of nature.

My Mother would say, “wear that sweater under that coat, cuz the rain may stop and you’ll want to be warm under that cover and jump in those puddles and play baby play now while your young, cuz one day you’ll be older and they’ll call you all crazy for playing in puddles. Then.

She said the same things to my own children. And I let her. 💋👏🙏cuz that woman a fabulous trainer.

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