I met a woman

I met a woman

All full of emotions

She wore them like a potion

And she took on the notion

That woman full of emotions

Are like the big old ocean

They grow intense when she’s storming

And you best heed her warnings

And get out of her way

She’s a cyclone forming

A huge tsunami

Cuz she’s a woman full of emotions

And ruled by the moon

Who been watching

Everything that’s going on in the darkness

Her waves will hit you

And knock you down

Cuz she’s a channel of pure irreverent so splashing cold water on your ignorance

Sent from God

Who’s come from heaven

Best get out of her reign!

Cuz that bitch is on fire

And your about to get boiled!

As God stokes the fires.

She’s not for hire

She learned to go higher

Than the sea floor

You’ll hear the great roar

From her ocean full of emotions.

Don’t take the notion

That’s she’s just an orphan

Cuz that woman is me.

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