Commitment to change….coming out of my own darkness….FAiries….

We all find our own way.

 And they say the cards never lie… And being 63% English, Wales & Northwestern Europe, mixed with 29% Ireland & Scotland, then adding 8% Germanic… Who else but fairies? To lead me out of my own darkness….? Who else but fairies to help me lead my own Mama out of hers and in turn lead us all out of the darkness of our ancestral cursing. Somewhere, Mama pick up this behavior and I am proof that it exists. A little piece of Linda, Linda didn’t get to, that she sent away, to learn the lesson and who has COME HOME TO TEACH HER FAMILY….Compassion is in me dear family of mine. If it wasn’t? Well, I surely would not take my precious time to trigger all the curses living inside us. Now would I? 

Let us remember, Jesus appeared crazy back in AC, telling the truth and hang on a tree. And I owe it to him to set my Mama and me and my family straight. And lead us all back to GRACE….. Forgivenesses Friend…

The soul shrinker,

Cruelty, Malice, Gossip, Curses. Destruction. Blessing

The distasteful task of the Soul Shrinker is to observe what we say to and about others, especially the mean, nasty and unnecessarily critical things.

By observing our behavior tis way, he reflects it back to us, making us more aware of it. This is the bodhisattva (a spiritual being devoted to helping to bring about enlightenment of all) tip of job, it requires great compassion, understanding, and forgiveness if the Soul Shrinker himself is not to be dragged down to our level. If we are inwardly spluttering, looking for words, he may even suggest to us the words that express our feelings and energy.

Then, It is our choice–our test–whether or not we say them…

There are two important things about malicious gossip, unnecessary criticism, verbal cruelty, sarcasm, and “scorning off” of others. One is that it demands the speaker, makes him less, makes his aura darker, and encourages the behavior as a habit, continually eroding the brightness and potential goodness of the speaker.

The other important things is that this is a way that we actually curse others….. (Point and case)

Brian Froud is wise….The Fairies Oracle is a book leading this bible thumping church girl back to her own light, after all the darkness I held inside escapes due to the light of Jesus inside me. 

Even if the recipient doesn’t hear the actual words of the blessing or curse, even if the words are not spoken aloud, they are carried as discordant notes through Ekstasis’s (Card 2) song of the universe to the recipient. (Me)

Fortunately, that is not all there is to it or such behavior would be unforgivably wicked– not that its not pretty nearly that anyway. WE all have a choice about whether we accept curse or blessings….

My Mama confessed to my face that she thought I was a curse. And that’s what God is trying to change in me, in Her, in my family and most especially in my children. Holding a curse inside is detrimental to our spiritual growth. Mine, yours and everyones. 

There are teachers in my family line, both Mamas side and my Fathers side…My Mama needs to transform out of the old energy of how I came to be to see myself, my father, my family differently and to come to a deeper understanding of grace and what grace actually means. WE all make miss takes. And we all can take and retake..

If we choose not to accept it, then all of the energy boomerangs back to the sender ( Mama, hence my warning), who then gets well-deserved double dose of it. ( all)( I, nor God wish for you to pay such a price. That is why Jesus died…)

Once, long ago, the Soul Shrinker was ver beautiful, but  listening to and witnessing all of this human ugliness has rubbed off on his appearance, like that of a lovely frog in a polluted pool wit is skin raw and forming hideous growths. His heart is compassionate and anguished, his heartfelt wish is that we learn “right speech” and “right thoughts.” Every wicked thing a human says makes the Soul. Shrinker more ugly. Every times a human learns this lesson, the. Soul Shrinker becomes a bit less ugly. As you can see, humanity as a whole has a lot to do one this.

Starter Reading-

Critical and malicious thoughts and words are having a detrimental affect on the situation and the people involved in it.. Steps need to be taken to banish this curse energy through love and compassion—-or at the very least, through forgiveness ad a refusal to accept the curse in oneself. Understanding the implications of this and transforming the behavior and feelings involved is major and often a very difficult step in human spiritual development.

One of the things usually involved her is taking responsibility for ourselves and our own feelings rather than blaming other for the way we are. Another part of this process is to learn to be compassionate towards ourselves. If we can do that, it is much easier not to be horrible to and about others.

This doesn’t mean that we are supposed to be all sweetness and light al the time. ( key) Constructive criticism , given compassionately, is a part of being real—-and reality is a good thing to be in touch with.


disagreeing or incongruous.

“the principle of meritocracy is discordant with claims of inherited worth”
(of sounds) harsh and jarring because of a lack of harmony.
“bombs, guns, and engines mingled in discordant sound”
I am this sensitive. And my blog is here to show that the messages I received from my Own Mama reached into deep into me and lodged into my deep knowing. That I now must let all those messages out and show Mama that the Babble. Gossip and disharmony, that I came from during a time in my own Mama’s life and the worlds for that matter, came home to roost in my bones and was passed to my children’s bones. I now work separately and in unison with them to change, heal and transform. And in this task, I show it can be done after telling all here on the blog. Naked, alone, but not alone, I do the work I could not, nor could my own Mama, so long ago. I had to learn the hard way, to know the way home…. to the soul, to the marrow and the bones.. Gut wrenching truths I pick up like a radio receiver, I wrench in front of all, to show..
People think, that if you don’t say it out loud then nothing was said and yet this text here seems to deny that fact or myth we as humans have missed the meaning of what the scriptures mean.. And I came to reveal the Soul Shrinker who’s been watching my whole family dynamics and antics to show that the messages were received even if my own Mama hid them, she hid me, and that she passed this curse on to us all, in ignorance, not knowing what Gods words were saying at all. 
It is my desire to help her also see, while I see, that we all can change… Its like being at the tip of a tree line, calling over to her, yelling, “Look!!! can you see it?!!” Ive barfed up all I could and all that God squeezed out of me to illustrate what goes on inside the mind of a girl who’s Mama refused to see her as a blessing, at the time of my conception. It is also my desire to show her she’s not alone, that we can walk out of this darkness together. You can tell yourself a lie so long it seems to become your truth. Because my Mamas truth was a lie she thought was the truth.. I am not a curse. And that right there, curse, is a thorn, the thorn that has been in my side since before my birth and in the thorn of Gods side for all eternity until we get it right in our minds and down to our toes, since it was God who was the one who sent me to her in the first place. 
Words hold powers….Just like Gods words that goes forth and does what it is intended to do, which is to heal and bless and warn of destruction. Words have destroyed my Mama and me. And words can change if one can become aware of not only the words, but the thoughts and belief behind them. This is my mark to reach with my arrows of truth. The fact that my own Mama has blocked me is the proof, that is the case. And its time we change that for this family so that we can truly walk in the blessing that God intends for us through his grace. 
Mama didn’t know…. I don’t blame her, I am just trying to show her why we don’t have to let the old truth be our truth now…..

6 thoughts on “Commitment to change….coming out of my own darkness….FAiries….

  1. Wow! I geuss I’d best be careful responding on such a thought provoking & seriously well written blog, not for any obscenities I may let slip but more so the Alchemy factor known as etymology. Unless I’m waay off point Etymology is the iñversion / perversion of the English language where saying a “positive” word such as Love “vibrationally”& harmoniously has the complete opposite result. Then theres also the true meaning hidden in words which can be self explanatory, ummm an example being “succeed”; He would do most anything to Succeed. ( to literally suck the seed from a males body part ).
    Success as in Cesspool, literally to eat excrement to “Make it”, “To be Successfull” one must be come Full from ……you get the idea. Ok so I wandered off course a little there. Great post PSYCHE CAFE, What you described is a path I know I must undertake, although I truly believe I’m a good and decent man I can only geuss that accounts for maybe 65’/. of me at best as the otjer 35’/, is my quick fire retaliations and scoldings and put downs and it’s really been on my mind what pennance will I pay if I don’t get ( my sh*t in check ) so to speak. So thank you Psyche Cafe for “Reitterating my Announciation is Oblitterating my Salvation”.
    Fly on Sister.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very. Engaging. Indeed. I do hit the buttons don’t I. Ping pong ping. That’s for verifying the hit brother. Your battle ship won’t sink. But feels a bit tender there fella. 💋 I’ve got my crosses buddy. I am a fly by nighter. Going round and round inside the mind throwing out chatter I heard from a later day saint. 🤣


      • Heya, hi. Ummm , first I just wanna say I really enjoyed yr blog thingy, I can relate on a level that’s ridiculous, it was blowing my brains out as I read it, secondly…..Ii’m totally new here, to this whole site but I like it, what little I’ve seen….but i’ve no idea what or how it works and hopefully ill have some time today to take a further look around on P.C and not this tiny phone and lastly, have a great day, I like you, I like your honesty and how you write. 🙋

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well hay back there. Thanks. I really appreciate this comment cuz? Not many comment here. It’s a tough site talking about tough stuff. I want folks to know they aren’t alone and that it’s safe to show the wounds. Welcome here. I’ve been here 6 years just banging it all out. And it’s not easy trying to tell this fairytale for sure. My first posts were so wrecking to write and I do appreciate you telling me you like how I write? To the moon it makes me feel a little less alone. I thank you for reaching out to me. And I wish you good luck. I’ll be reading what’s inside your brain and I will be here to encourage you to speak your truth too.


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