Totally eclipse of the heart.

Don’t let Uranus kick your anus!

The moon is in my moon. As I moon all of you. 🤣🤣🤣

Touch room my family. Sooooo stoooic. So serious. Mama wants to win at All costs. She doesn’t know she needs this crazy right to win.

Programming programming. It’s all in the programming. Bad programming? What a mess.

  1. This is me warning yet again!! Jump that ship to this ship!!
  2. I’ve got the goods you really need and seem to think you don’t want?
  3. Raised by strangers so Mama could program me wrong.
  4. Ruled by Saturn. Ur anus is wrong!
  5. Stop looking at me! I’m just the messender who ending the mess.
  6. But gods the one put you all to this test.
  7. Is faith even alive in your hearts?
  8. You ain’t gonna even be able to fart after this kick you in the anus.
  9. Gran Gran is waiting for all of you to get it.
  10. Exclude me and you will be excluded.
  11. You reap what you sow.
  12. What the hell do you think you are sowing!
  13. I won’t get kicked cuz I am obeying.
  14. And daring to look crazy.
  15. Ahead of the storm.
  16. 57 years vested, trained since I was born.
  17. I’m blowing this horn of plenty.
  18. Don’t get left out in the cold looking stupid.
  19. I’m an excellent marksman.
  20. You all don’t seem to realize Auntie O’s marked all your go work wrong.
  21. Go back to the black board and writ it all again.
  22. I am better than a friend.
  23. I’m family.
  24. Born to bring you all this warning.
  25. Adds up to seven.

Your divine warning. Gods trying to balance our family books!! Did anyone even go to church? Or learn about science and astrology?

Who is so dumb to think the planets don’t have power?

Either god is all and all is god or god is just nothing at all.

And Marcia? You better get right. Gran gran raised to better than this. Learn your lessons no matter how old the teacher!

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