I’m also here to say that my mother doesn’t own me.

She had no right to sign me away.

I’m so tired of mothers, mine telling me how to be.

I wish you’d wake up in a good mood?

Well wish they would wake up in a good mood and grow the hell up!

I’m not their puppet on some string.

I never sign a contract with this MGM studio! Adoption bullshit show!!

More like a circus.

I woke up in a good mode!

Took out the damn a garbage! Clean the damn dish drainer! Washes the dishes! And wiped and reorganized the refrigerated!

And found the Cornish game hens no one could seem to dig for? For dinner.

The nerve! Is on my last nerve! Get the hell of my nerve and maybe! I won’t come back at you now that I’m old enough to stand up and speak!

I’m not a damn slave who contract says I must perform happy all day! I’ve been silent Long enough!

Don’t push me and I won’t push back.

I’ve stood in line long enough.

Damn it!

Any wonder why I stay in a garage? At least it’s not got mold!

At least I know when and where to put the trash at!

And I sure know how to use the bleach!

So sick of opinions!

Why don’t you clean up your minds!

This girls done dancing for two devils!

Should have read the fine print of my contract with god! I do get my own free will that I paid for twice!!

You don’t get to tell me to leave! It’s in the contract you both signed! In ink!!

Now out that in your book and smoke it!

What Solomon didn’t say about a fool being silent who seems so wise is that the fool ain’t now fool and get fed up!

And BTW. Jesus hung on a cross so I did not have too!

Remember that when your trying to nail me to some tree!

I’ve turned all my cheeks and now your getting a right hook!

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