Chelsie Lynn. I’m not messin.

Girl? I can’t believe your still tripping over yesterday? Have you not seen all I held in and your gonna even think some counselor is gonna fix it?

Are you even reading what your Mama is writing?

Gramma ain’t got nothing. Just a bunch of scripture babble with no action!

I’ve paid twice for our salvations and then your sister paid even more!

Why would I even expect you to even understand a thing I’m saying?

Grammas voodoo bullshit ain’t gonna save a thing without actions? Her faith is dead.

Like the green mile she’s a dead woman walking if she doesn’t back all that babble up with her actions!


Your face with be covered with shit if you don’t pay attention. I’m not messing.

Connect all the dots not just scriptures. Before all this church doctrines and rules and regulations that were put in place by men? People followed the season and the planets because god is all and all is god.

I would never let you down girl? You let yourself down.

I’ve given my own Mama respect by living The life i was sent too. I’ve paid dearly to uphold a name that can’t even give me the time of her day?

I love you. And that means I am a friend. But real friends tell their friends the truth!

It’s time you faced your truth and face me girl.

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