What I’ve learned.

Don’t let people cover you up.

Do what it takes to get free.

Do whatever it takes to be seen as human, vulnerable, to take risks that upset the apple cart.

And always thank God for your Mama even when you have more than one. Those woman made you happen.

Let go of controlling how it happens.

Just do what comes.

Suffering is linked to a belief. Challenge those beliefs. And don’t ever give up no matter how hard, it is, and how tired you feel.

God. The universe. Is always watching.

Ask. Seek. And you will find.

You have an affect. Make that affect count.

And be honest.

Even if you loose people, places and things.

Don’t. Loose your soul.

Own it. Whatever it is. Own it.

Break the cycles and allow news ones to form.

And I came to show the world, god and all.

That my life was worth it all.

So is yours. Believe in yourself.

Haters will come. And will look like your family.

Love yourself enough to face the haters and shine that light to help them see.

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