Sometimes. I feel like..

Some force keeps me in some line. It’s like when my own Mama signed me over, some spell keeps me in place. And when I try to buck this fate of mine, everything just goes haywire.

And all I want is peace. A life of my own without two mothers trying to control me.

Mama Jean likes it when I tell Mama off.

She grins. Seems pleased.

I told her everything I’ve written that was ugly.

She never says a thing, like don’t or no.

Seems sick. Yet? Guess that’s my destiny.

And well? Mamas just whatever. I just don’t understand why two people must be so stubborn and controlling.

Seems so natural for me to just want my own Mama.

But nooooo. That’s just silly. Seems a piece of paper has more weight over me than my own blood does. And that. Sucks big ones.

I want to disappear.

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