Just blurt it out.

If others hold onto what you say?

Well? That’s on them. Some people don’t know what it means to get clean? All they know is how to hold onto words spoken. They don’t understand what it is to just let go and to allow words to flow without judgements.

My children. Have said a lot of things. They coo’d. They babbled. The cried. They were angry, frustrated, and tired.

But. I held onto. Love. And faith that we’ll overcome. Sure. I’ve got memories. I can call up and use to prove the points about really letting go.

My children met my own Mama. Which is the proof I do let go. Again. And again. Like that bozo clown that you punch and it keeps coming back up. Like some rubber band called my soul that’s a twisted loop that began as a circle. Boing!!

If I held onto all I’ve written here? I would be crazy. That shit does not define who my soul is. I came from heavens breath to breath life back into the woman I came from to show her that her crazy actions made me.

I’m valuable. Three times I went up and read her room. Took the temperature. Brought the medicine. My soul. To her door. The piece of her soul within me that like an adam separates to grow. To show her the true mirror of her own essence that came from heaven too. To make me. So I could be Linda.

All the words in the world. Can’t hold back love. Love wins every time. This I know. Through it all. Love prevails when we let go.

Hold onto love. And let it all go and flow.

Just blurt it out. Watch and see. No one can touch an honest word spoken. No one touched me.

What my Mama gave me was the freedom to speak. I’ve been blurting out words my whole life and they have their affect. It’s not up to me. Except to be honest and speak.

Is what I’ve said the truth? That’s for you to decide. Not me. If I hit the nail on her head then let that nail mark the hands on a cross who lead me.

And Mama! No weapon forged against me prevailed not even thee. Because the weapons of warfare are all in the mind, can’t hurt me.

I’m clean. Xoxo.

Search your heart. Blurt it out. Let it all go. I came from home. The home that’s still inside you. I wanted you to know. Home never lets go.

You will never be defeated by what is said about you. You will be defeated by what you say about you. Xox.

Now come on Mama. Come home to me. Come on. You’ve got a friend who is closer than any brother in me. You made that friend! And she came home to show you the you you needed to see!

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