All kidding aside.

Yes. My humor is dark but that where the light need to be.

The day I was born. I let out a howl! A little wolf cub was born as they took me out of the room. And I howled. And was quite loud.

My wording not formed yet. But I gave it my all. Blurting it out for all to hear.

Tough room. No one seemed to understand? What I was saying?

But let me tell you what I was screaming all about.

My heart was saying. To Mama and all.

I will not forget you!!

I will remember you always.

And I am pretty sure I did just that.

Cuz I’m much like my Mama in many ways.

But one.

I let go and waiting for another round.

Life taken me places that Mamas not seen.

These eyes have witnessed many many things.













The list goes on and on it’s insane.

Not me.

And like a freedom writer I rode the waves.

I yelled with babbling a words denied me.

I will returned and give you love!!

That’s why I came!!

I’ll find you!

I love you!

I forgive you!

You matter.

To me.

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