The truth hurts baby. Don’t it?

The truth hurt me?

The truth hurt Mama

And the truth hurt Mama Jean.

And the truth in the deep blue sea.

Whoop pee!

What is real at the end of the day.

Leave the door open by not forgiving yourself and the devil gets the foot hold!

Two woman all hell bend to succeed. And me in the middle like some little Johnny Bench!

Fowl ball! Run! No stop.

Are we going for the home run here or what?

Gods watching. Does anyone care?

Well I do.

My Mama can just go ride off on her high horse!

But as I see it? Mama Jean bought that high horse and help a god damned lier.

So ungrateful. Unappreciative.

If Mama has really shown up and done the work? Well then I would not even need to call her out on her lack of good work.

Everyone thinks they see how it really is?

But they don’t see it like the girl put o. The fence between two woman that are friends?

So high minded Mamas of no earthy good to anyone now. And lies won’t make blessing come down from on high?

Especially when folks act like they know it all.

I know what I know. And I know what I’ve seen.

And action speak louder than any words said.

Actions. Actions. Actions speak volumes!

Just floors me my own Mama thinks I’m gonna walk away from the woman that showed up?

She taught me to be honest!!

Which is way more than she did.

Own that. Own your own shit now Mama.

And my children deserve better than this!

This! You get me!

I don’t back down cuz I know who made me!

God made me from a really bad situation.

Unlike my Mama I learned to be honest no matter who’s feelings it hurts.

And my daughter Chelsie just need to tell me her truth if she ever wants to get free.

Confess those missed marks to her own Mother!

Let me just remind Mama of this scriptures meaning!

Each other it says. Not a priest? Not a counselors. But each other.

Don’t gossip to anyone! And tell all the tales. Face the one who you need to forgive! And face the one who’s forgiveness you need!

Don’t mess with me. I loaded gods words within me. Memorized the verses. So god can draw out of me all that’s been rehearsed by heart from the holy scriptures.

How dare you try to tell god how to speak his own words through me. Gods ways are not our ways! I’m just smart enough to obey.

Gods or done with you yet Linda Marie. And it’s time you face little old me. And tell me the truth that you hide from the Lord. That’s who’s behind this storm.

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