Ow Chelsie.

Since I’ve dealt with that woman trying to be your granny while you deny your own Nana? I did not go find the woman so you could act like a heathen! She’s the heathen.

You beat figure out where your at and what time it is?

Time to come home dear. I am your own Mama! How dare you even let that bullshit friend you call Kristine to even say I wasn’t a Mama about me? The shame is on you dear.

I stood by and watched it all from my living room!

I’ve clocked you. You can’t out run me your god given Mama! I’m bought with a high price.

Your own special stalker Mama. 🤣

And I love you damn it! Now come home! It’s my birthday!! Enough is enough about that’s woman called grandma!

Come home to see me and Nana! And your own brother and sister god damn this! To hell where it came from! Family is family. And that woman is no family of mine!

One picture I saw of me? She can’t even call me? Her own daughter!!

Now get out of the rain before the storm gets you all wet and leaves you out from my wings of cover!

This Mamas! Your only Mama!

And you are my gift sent from heaven!

I wanna open you up for my birthday!

I love you crazy lady!


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