Oh yeah!! I’m


You really think Gods gonna put up with a woman who refuses a gift do you!! Ha ha ha ha!!

8 times infinity!! Is how many times you damned yourself for refusing me.

And I’ll stand by that cuz I’ve always been on solid ground! Standing here looking at you.

As God gives me the keys to the city for killing off you. Bleeding off my soul. And your witches brew ha!! Ha!

You Mamas better get right with the God who made you!

For your own actions will tell on you when a gift come back around for a few more views.

I’ve made an example of the Mother God made me from. So best be warned your days coming if you don’t get right. In all directions of time.

God used a woman called jean to wash me clean of a lying spirit calling herself Linda.

You better believe that you brought it all on yourself when you put your baby up for sale.

And remember to be in contrition. For God will despise a woman without contrition for disposing of his gift giving!

This ones for the sisters. Don’t be fooled by old Linda! She’s just a demon! Parading around as a Christian!

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