The second cut of an umbilical cording.

The second cut of an umbilical cording to an old past has happened. I can feel it.

Gods the one cutting it for me. And my truth was the knife. I’m just so grateful. To be rid of all that shit.

People I cared for so long have shown me their colors. And that on them not me. If a person truth can drive a person away they were never really there now were they?

The proof is in their pudding of actions and Nonactions. And? In the end all that’s in darkness will be shown.

God knows what you need. Beyond what a child’s mind can see.

During my trial. God showed me

Who was really In my corner.

And who held on to me during a storm. My own body wrenching from pain and rejections.

I saw the light. Of day.

I was in the darkness. And god doesn’t want me to live in darkness but light. God knew how I felt. All along. And god still loves me anyway. Just like god loves those who have rejected me.

Truth bring light to places that are in darkness. And I needed to know before I even go any further with my own family what and who was able to rise above the past that haunts us all.

Hermits. Live in dark caves.

I’m not a hermit. I’m a sea goat, I rise from the depth of the sea to climb to a mountain top. Mountain tops have amazing views of world that can’t be seen in the sea. And I’m seeing now. Clearly.

Today is the day before I was born the first time. Tomorrow will be a day I am born again. New. Aware. And fully informed about where I came from.

And it was time to take the trash out of my life.

Thank you Lord for never letting go of my hand and my heart. Thank you Lord. I now know. Your unconditional love never fails.

People will fail you.

Parents will fail you.

But god will never fail you.

God will set you free from anything or anyone who holds you back.

Actions speak louder than words. This is true.

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