Sometimes you got to take a ride with your own devil to see.

God there all along in the rear view mirror.

I love the lord more now than ever.

God grace is full proof.

It even your own devil can hide his truth.

Makes me laugh.

And the I cry.

Abba. Father. Is no lie.

Do or die.

God rides with you through your darkest night.

And he flies alongside

The supreme wingman

Who’s love is the light at the end of a tunnel vision

That kept you blind.

Scales fall off

The blind do see

When you tell the truth

And get set free.

Free to be

The me I came to be.

Filled with love over flowing

For two Mamas

Who care for me.

What woman have to do

To take care of their children

Only god knows

But god used my horrible truth

To show me.

And wash me clean.

Gratitudes spring forth where the thorns once were

Gushing out from my hearts open door

As god flows out of me

Held back no more.

And now I know

The devil was me.

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