I might be crazy. But at least I’m

  • Honest. guess Mama Jean won after all. It’s all in the programming and she showed me it all.
  • A girl like me was gonna have to find her own way. And yes. She was hard on me. And evidently? I came from a cat and not a dog.
  • I’ll say this on the eve of my birth. I’d take this crazy lady any day cuz my Mama is to fake.
  • You never should have lied about me Mama. That was your fatal mistake. Gramma Margaret if you can read this. I love you. So very much for telling me you did not like Mama doing me like this. For that truth I am grateful.
  • Guess God made a Linda that could Be honest after all.
  • Happy day of my birth to me. All grown up now. And oh I can see you a mile away.
  • Thank you Lord for using my truth to help me see who the devil was all along. Not me. Not Mama Jean.
  • But Linda inside of me.
  • Good day!
  • And good bye.
  • To fake ass hoes. That don’t even know what family is!!!! We Berrys taste good and look good, but watch those thorns!

And thank you Grandma Margaret for dying on my birthday! I consider it an honor only you and I would get! Xoxo.

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