On the up side!! Finally!

My children are going in the right directions!!!

And that is worth all this blah blah blah.

Because Mama got down low. Which meant they needed to get up. And do for themselves.

It’s like they needed to see me broken? Vulnerable? That I was a dead end job. Why? Because it’s my job to heal. Not theirs.

And? It takes truth to see rock bottom. Rock bottom I might add is solid ground for anyone to jump from.

  • I’ve got one going to school!! Yippee! Healing school! Even better.
  • I’ve got another healing themselves. Yes!! Yes!! You go!
  • I’ve got one working a job they really are enjoying!
  • So life’s not all bad. I’m taking the heat so those babies can grow! Trauma ain’t gonna get ya down for long as everyone’s jumping to the ships that god intended for them.
  • Yes. I got real thorny. Like an eagle Mama does. To poke them to fly. And each one of them is going. Doing. What will serve them.
  • I’ve got God and two Mamas. So I’m ok. A little crazy as of late? Talking all kind of gobble d gook. But them again? So did they as babies. And I listened and prayed. For their success.
  • It’s always darkness before it dawns on ya. Gods called us all to our corners of this world to bring what light we have inside to shine. It doesn’t mean we are apart forever. But together we all just seemed to run into each other.
  • Time. Does heal the wounds. And I needed to lay my burdens down for good. And to heal. I am the roots that they came from. Once these roots heal? We all heal.
  • And I’ve forgiven them for their mis takes. Like filming? And I’m loading new film I’m so we can make a better show. So they can be proud Mama had a damned mental breakdown!
  • And so they can know there is a healer God who will not leave her down. That’s god is real and no ones path is the only way. That it’s ok. We all loose our shit. And? I need to loose a lot of shit. And write this wave out. Little play on words there.
  • I really wanted different. Hell? I wanted to hide it. Ignore it. Stuff it forever. But that’s not what God wanted me to do.
  • And if there’s no forgiveness from my family at the end of the day? Well we all need to check ourselves out. Because without forgiveness for others there is none for us. We reap what we sow. And I’m sowing some love 2020.
  • You can quote me on that.

    Just remember. Love will push the crap out before you can see the beauty that is to be.

    Geez. What a ride indeed. What a storm.

    Don’t my children deserve the whole truth? To see me naked and cold? Don’t we all come naked and cold? But oh God in his warm blanket after we come out of the rain of his love flooding us with so much love that all the pain must leave?

    Not to mention. My Mamas been praying. A lot. I never had a chance but to heal. Xoxo

    Thanks Mama. đź’‹

    May god bless you 100000000 times for all those prayers. And may 2020 be our best year yet.

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