Courage sometimes skips a generation.

Courage sometimes skips a generations, thank you, for bringing it back to our family.

The Help

And I know my story ain’t nothing standing beside all my other brothers and sisters in Adoption.

But, I now know, I was born to be, The Help they need.

Someones got to stand up and saying something! Change somethings around her on my planet too!

I’ve got a birth right. And I’m using it to make it better by telling my truth that ain’t half as bad as some. To give my people. The invisible slaves the courage to stand up and speak, so people can see what we have seen our whole lives. Which is the flip side of the 45.

It’s not about being ungrateful. I appreciate my adoptive family, which is more than many can say? They did their best. The best they knew how at the time.

Adoption, and the lack of research about how it would affect us, didn’t even give them a fighting chance. I owe my fortitude to two woman and God. Two woman who worked together and yet never met. For that I am grateful. Good genes, and a darn strong loving woman who wouldn’t let me or Mama down and never let go of me.

My Mamas both tried to do the best. They were lead to believe they were doing the best, by a system that let us all down. We all still lost something, someone. And that’s a shame.

And its time we regain what’s been lost. And call me crazy if you want too. But my Mamas both know we need to mind our manors.

Doesn’t feel good me acting all ill mannered now does it? No.

But, Sometimes courage looks crazy when change needs to return home to your family and a planet that’s gone insane.

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