That’s how folks end up dead.

Why is the world still fighting? And what are we fighting for that word do us no good, that we need weapons of mass destruction?

What the hell? Are we as a planet doing? Trump is a puppet of our doing not the over way round? Will Jesus Christ please save me?!! Please. Now.

Hello? Yes. You. What the hell are you doing today to try to make it better? There are people in Africa ignorant and poor? Why don’t we pour some learning onto our brother and sisters a little more instead of just rice? How dumb can we all be now?

Use those words!! For better!! Garbage in garbage out! Garbage out? Garbage came from within that house! Let us put the trash out? Do we shoot the garbage man? No. We pay him to take our garbage now don’t we?

What is a church? Put a place to kneel and pray away garbage within the mind and the soul. Is it not a place to lay down burden? I would say burdens of trash from the past.

Church can be a field of flowers or a field of mud. Whichever be your preference. Please. Leave the trash there. And don’t tell me you laid it down and then picked it back up please so you could drag that nasty all around? Not anymore. I don’t wanna hear it. Don’t bring that shit here. Place it in a garden so something else can grow. Give it to god who can make something else grow.

And I followed the people and preachers and carried my trash like all the others so one day my Mama could see me lay it all down at her feet. So she could see all the shit I carried round for we. Warding off haters of this lover of Mother.

See I’m cleaning myself up here after explaining each piece of trash to ya. So I could show you yours. So you can do the same as me and we dont have to fight anymore. Words. Hateful words must leave before loving ones can be sweetly spoken. The dross? On silver? Must be cleared away first before it’s pure.

God set me on fire about 6 years ago and took my baby so I could learn to feel how my own Mama feels today. God loves me that much. To take my baby from me and hide her behind the one woman I was scared to death to have see me naked and vulnerable and broken. Oh god squeezed me like a lemon until the lemonade was pink with my own blood.

Despise not the chastening of the Lord. For whom the lord loves he chastens.

God loves me.

And god loves You, too, from within.

Let god out. From within you.

Go back to Mamas place within. She’s there. You’ll find her and all your favorites waiting on the table. Who the hell else would get up? Walk your ass down a long dark valley of your deaths shadow and have already prepared a table and food all around you? Arms open and waiting? Yet leading you all the way but a Mother? Mamas know how to make this all better.

She’s no sissy la la.

She bore the pain of bring you.

Bow down before you enter that palace within. Clean your whole self off from each days working. Leave the trash outside. She don’t want want here. Your enter heaven. Just remember she’s got a trained devil at her disposal who will turn you on your ear if you seem to want to be lazy. Dragging trash in from the days end? Don’t. Ring that mess around here she will say loudly!!

Let us all go within. To Mothers place daily if not by second. Breathing in the aromas to remind us all that we all have Mamas. Why are we fighting and not loving our Mamas? Holding them close? Taking care of babies? What’s the diversions? Why are we hear guys?

Why can’t we just roll with the season and love and be happy? If everyone loves everyone then no one would be hungry? Why are we so caught up in all the masks of color? Creed, race, where are we racing too if not heaven on earth?

When will we stop saying? It will never work? Words have power. Let’s use them to make this planet Mama proud? She’s not right now?

Can’t we all see it? She’s not. And we are tanking and way to slow In our Progressing as brothers and sisters of a planet? Which then means we all are kings and queens in learning. How to care for our Mama. This earth sustains us. When will we pay our homage in action and deed and not just words of hate we connect to each other and not actions.

We hate and don’t understand actions and them act stupidly ignorance attacking. Stabbing into the darkness of our own ignorant minds like lunatics. You’ve read my illustration. Right here in real time channeling lunacy. Moon energy. Secrets revealed from within my mind to my own Mama the hell I went through lead by her guiding light within me. Such pewter is she. A turn of her glance can stop my clock. I’d drive to hell and back to see her and spend my last dime to call her and I did.

She. Must remember. Our mothers sweat and blood is not in vane but in veins. Who will make her proud. Yeah? Take the narrow road once and while and remember. Pay your attentions or you’ll run off the toad and down a ravine to death dumb ass? We came to live abundantly. All of us working together helping each other make it so all over the planet not just you silly? Think higher man. Go higher.

Or god takes you home? War is delusions. Psychosis. So dumb. Costly to us all. Surely we can spend our efforts in way more productive ways them send our children out to fight instead of play? Wake the fuck up guys!!

Fear is not of god. But a sound mind that can see way better opportunities than war is of god. The power of god within if we will go and spend some time there? Is infinite. What the fuck do you need to have said to get you out of war mentality? And separation from the god force that gives your body life? Hmmm?

Every car has fuel. But if you don’t go to the gas station you ain’t going no where? Where are we going? Oh lord of the flies planet? Where?

Cyber technology? The Lord OG of the airways. Is us. A fearful planet full of lunatics trying to hide from a god that lives within? Please?

What you see is what you get. Make sure your seeing through your heart and not that head.

That’s how folks end up dead. Ok?

Own your shit. And clean that shit up.

Cuz Mama is waiting with a table spread wide at the end of the dark hallway of deaths shadow.

You ain’t shit without her. Just a feather in the Lord of the airs wind.

But with her. Your the whole bird.

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