I’ve seen a lot of me in my children.

I’ve seen a lot of me in my children. Like tiny Little mirrors to me, that grow to be full size? As a fashion follower, of course my mirror with be three sides. Of course. Only for The most vane.

I was raised by a vane woman. Came from an equally vane woman. And I loved them just the same. Hard. Fast and furious. Makes me chuckle those two gals of mine. So vane. But the times were vane. What do we expect? Every man wanted his trophy wife with all that football watching? Lord have mercy what’s a woman to do? But need a mirror times three to make sure she’s got all the angles he sees in perfect order? Right? Yeah.

But the Mama my Mama gave me to only had one side of a mirror until I gave her three more and boxed them all around her. Now she saw me in two of the mirrors so that was confusing. She got lost in the re-elections muddled with Past regretings. But the one son would give her worry? Who is this? Not me? But she would be wrong. Everyone’s got a son within who’s strong like whiskey and breaks the tables and then builds new ones. She? Struggled? Seeing herself in that man to be.

Now the other Mama the one I call my own not borrowed or paid for, she would struggle too? Seeing me and her in him? All naughty and yet so intelligent. Her husband would need to show her so she could believe it? Yet she’s struggles to see me in that man standing writing letters. A Virgo. I know what’s going on. That’s my son. A man in his own right knows just what to do. He makes his Mama read letter her own Mama wrote at the dining room table in front of dear Nana. To show her who is who.

And the final mirror is down to just two.

Now who’s seeing who?

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