Hey you! Yeah. You. Come here. I wanna talk to you bought somethings.

I want to talk about love to you and what it all means at the end of the day. When your tired and feel so empty. Take heart. Your Mama did not make you in vane. She made you from vein.

Her bloods thinker than you think. It’s why you are here. Her love drew you here and you had to get a taste of it. You just could just keep swirling around the planet. You knew it when you saw her you had to go there with her.

Apart from sex. That was your open door. You just could not wait. The opportunity was there because you’re here. And let me tell you this. That love must never die that you felt for her never. Ever. And guess what? It won’t. It just won’t happen.

This is how I know. My Mama gave me away at two days old. And a lot happened in my life to defy my love for her. The world would throw the listen here sink at it. Yet I’m still standing today in honor and constant remembrance of a love so rare. That I dared to be born to a woman who would do me like that. Didn’t matter. Hurt like hell. I still love her.

Always will.

So don’t be sad when you sad if she’s passed. She’s till her inside you. Go within. To Mamas place. She’s a always there waiting for you. That’s how I made it. You can too.

Let’s not let our Mama sacrifices be in vane but in veins. Alive. Choose to thrive for Mama sake. It’s the best motivation. Scouts honor.

She is the rose of Sharon. The evening stars.


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