You’re not the only one who’s got buttons she dont like pushed. Mama.

We can agree on that. Cuz you posed all of mine. I pushed all of yours. Like some verbal pushing match.

When are we gonna just accept the buttons pushed and choose to stop just reacting and choose to act. There are many things we can do to heal.

Separations not one of them.

The wounds lay in the mind and hurt the body.

That’s what I am saying. Adoptions not some magic thing that just makes it all better. It’s made it worse. We are the ones that can heal that when we clearly see who’s, what’s, the enemy that’s stealing from us now, seeking whom it may devour.

And that’s time is now. To make it right for the future children Mama?

No one gave a flying flip about you Mama. Like Anne Boleyn the woman who bore England one of it’s finest Queens. At least you got to keep your head Mama.

This is me.

I give a flying flip!! About you.

And I am angry what’s been done to us.

You have a side that matters too.

Your side matters to me.

Was it that easy? To just go on without me?

Or was it not? Own it now.

For the time is every right. The hour is now for our salvations draws near.

Will we let adoption just keep drawing and quartering us like sheep?

Or? Will we realize this is our hour to make this right for many. It’s not all about you and me?

There are many who were lead astray, away, from the children god sent to the families God wanted us to be in.

Just like Job. God allows us our free wills. True.

But what you gonna do now with that ticket Mama? Use it. For you can change today and make a difference to the children who aren’t hear yet.

You can just sit in the shit? Or spread it around so all my find nourishment from knowing they are not alone. That help. Is here.

Be one of the Mamas to rise above this.

I know you’ve got it in you.

Don’t let all you’ve been through be in vane.

Your bloods in my veins.

I came from you.

We don’t have to go down like this.

Set me straight about you.

Don’t leave me in the dark.

I didn’t leave you in the dark.

You were not advices of my side.

And that’s adoption mistake that you and me have been paying for my whole life.

I apologize that adoption didn’t you like this. That you were told lies.

But I’m not apologizing for staying strong and loyal enough to tell you the truth you couldn’t see but felt.

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