Yes. PTSD runs high

After 50 years I went here to see what was what with my own Mama. Why was what I solved for. Not Y.

And this blogs told me a lot about what’s what with Mama as she stands like a fawn response in my head lights. Can’t deny that. Mamas frozen. Still. Unable to respond as my own Mama. Why?

I’ve shown you why.

And she’s reeling from the feedback loop that just keeps going round and round until she and I stop it.

Because the fact is Mamas struggles to comprehend what I am saying due to misinformation’s given while I was to young to chime in with words of intelligences. Backed with science and research.

Thank you science and research for studying us and the affects of adoption on us. Thank you very much.

My children carry the scars too.

It’s not isolated to me.

The ripples of trauma go deep.

And I’m standing up for my children too.

I can’t go back and change our past either. But I can make it better for the future. And save me and my Mamas reputations. By telling the truth. However horrible it looks or feels.

Those feelings of horror are valid and usable against an ignorant foe that can’t see what it’s done to we.

Yes. I poked my own Mama. And she? Winced and pulled back. Proof the wounds are real and don’t go away just because I go away.

Mamas been strong enough.

And enough is enough.

I’ve come with the oil and the wine. Paid the price of the admission to the truth.

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