Mama was upset last night.

All upset. She was. And I’m telling her now, I know Mama. What a god damndable mess. Yes. Mama. I see.

But I am

Joining forces with my brothers and sisters in adoption to fight the foe you could not back when I was still yours.

It’s is the most loving thing I can do for you now.

Be not upset and feel you failed. That’s not the point at all Mama. Because I’m still your daughter and paper did not change that.

I’ll right this wrong. For many. Trust and believe.

Though we are apart. I still get the messages from that big heart that gives my heart reason to beat.

Your not alone now. Even when we are apart.

And I won’t let you down.

You’ll have reason, again to stand tall.

Love. The greatest gift of all.

Lives inside of me for you.

XoxoI’m talking to way more than just you Mama as I weld the sword of this truth.

And the foes in the minds all fall.

Take heart while the world calls me crazy for loving you.

One day soon all will know I told the truth.


Not worried at all about anyone now but you.

Just like you’re worrying about me.

We both kneel and pray and in that one act join with god to see this through.


I love you more than those eyes can see now.

As I rise above the crowd.

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