Let me begin to break it down to ya.

Ok. If you can now realize. I’m not about ego. Unless I’m confronting ego. If I was in ego? I sure would not be here writing. I’d be off riding some mama dick. Ok? But I’m not.

I’m here confronting ego, mindsets, ideas, past, present, future, ideas stuck in heads.

My experiences refute what people said I would experiences. And those experiences are valid.

The reactions just show that people struggle to comprehend that my experiences were just my natural response. And facing that seems to be the issue.

Like facing rape happing everyday.

Like facing children being molested still.

Even though we all warn, do we educate?

How can we if we don’t face it, own that we can change it and then do something about it?

These troops called Adopted need to unite our forces of truth to pierce the veil of ignorance that keeps us out of site.

Now that’s a whole can of worms to make happen for sure. I can’t change my stand. Why?

Because honesty is the only true foundation. It’s a signal no one can deny. My people get that all to well. So I got to get it real, no matter

How crazy I look. I must show my hand. They know what my hand means to them.

This is me mirroring back ego to reveal where who’s holding us back. Holding me back. Holding my family back.

What rubs them wrong is what they need to fix. What rubs me wrong I fix. And that’s how we adjust when we finally get the full feedback.

Life without a negative feedback is just a blank page. It’s the dark black strikes that show and make a life pop.

How? Can my family see their value to me if I don’t show them the darkness I’ve walked through? Holding my candle for them. In a world that could not see them inside of me trying to be seen?

My family lives in a void of white wash. I’m bringing the fabulous black paint to show us all we carried this together.

Like Blinded by the light. Without darkness we don’t understand light. How light peeks from the darkness. How each of them peek through my life without them and I didn’t realize it until we met face to face.

My family and me are getting over this. Toot sweet. Isn’t that right Mama? Toot sweet!!

I’m so tired too.

Shut up!! About this. And maybe call me.

We can talk face to face. I’d love to maybe cook? Drink wine? Watch movies? Craft? Thrift shop!!

I am that bitch. But I’m also that woman, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, you want on your side in any fight. Even if it’s for your own lives.

We can handle anything. We are handling this. We can do better at it? Yes.

Have we had enough yet? I can type this shit all day as you can see? Close the door not to me, but, let’s all grab that god damned door to our past and shut the front door!!

Put up or shut up!!

Why would I even grace your door when I’ve been met like this after telling my truth?

I’ve put up. Now you all shut up!

And let get it together now and be the team God wants us to be and show the world what we are really made of.

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