Maybe I’m just a dead man running on my brothers borrowed time.

Maybe my Mamas body is just a dead woman’s shell pretending to be her and an alien lives inside her now.

Maybe I am the zombie who’s starting this apocalypse.

Either way.

Things need to change.

And. It’s time we get this shit right.

And put the children first.

Not call it putting children first and using them as shields.

I know my Mama loves me. She just can’t stand my truth. Because truth is a vibration. You can’t ignore. She knows I love her and war against a foe the world could not see.

Because she prayed to an invisible God that sent me to her. She feared for my life. And sent me away.

I will not let her choice be in vane.

As I pry her hand from her face and show her there is another way. And a brand new day.

Tom Hanks played a cast away.

I am his sister. Lost I found my way.

Home. In my brain.

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