That’s the thing. Woman need to stand up for woman.

I’m a woman standing up for two woman. Daring to look crazy.

This world needs more woman like me.

Crazy. Lovers of Moms. Someone who’s crazy enough to go against the grain, the tides that crush woman.

I’m bringing the power back. Showing both my Mamas that what they did was not in vane. But in my veins.

My moms may have resigned themselves to this kind of life. Separated from each other and beat friends. But I’m not ok with it.

Adoption doesn’t get to write how our story ends. I do. And we are not going down like this.

And my children will remember a Mama like me who will wage holy hell against a system that did this to us and win.

Sure. My people aren’t showing up and showing support of such a flamboyant act of defiance. But give them time. I trust my brothers and sorts wont let me down either.

God won’t leave me alone in the street for long. This second sucker punch is just a natural response to the original stimuli.

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