Warning shots fired. Reunions. The Second sucker punch. Is coming.

23 &Me and ancestry.com. The new angel of death. And it’s the children’s blood that’s been smeared. And it’s now our spit that will lead us home. To execute the death of a nightmare, a Holocaust of c hi listen denied find home.

Like the angel of death we read about Moses instructing his people to smear the blood of the lambs over the family door for protection, so our family’s must accept this inevitable outcome, and need to take cover under our wing s now. As we kill this beast.

It’s coming. And I’m warning all Biological Parents and extended families to get ready. We are coming for what’s genetically always been ours.

Moses times trillions, as we part our Red Sea of blood lines into the ordinal promised land. God promises us what is ours is ours through dna we claim our promises lands and lay waste to Adoptions lies.

It’s now we who are coming for you.

You heat read the book, primal wound and get real with your own wounding. Because we are coming home to close this god forsaken gap.

They say, Death comes in threes. But remember. Somethings always got to die so new life can live. And we the seeds of hope have died a thousand deaths of a rag doll. And it’s now, that we journey to live and love those that God created us from so we can heal and live our best life.

Don’t try to run, or control what Gods words shows us will be. And don’t fear this death. It’s for your own good and learning as well souls take back what the first grim teepee took from us. Our fires of hope vein brighter and brighter as we the Adopted link up and gain speed.

Read her. Learn from me and my own Mama the put falls of lies. As I dig to free her from a life of deAth.

Like zombies with our arms out. Looking like Ghosts and acting like freaks to people we once knew, we walk this trail of tears to reunite with people that have been told we are no longer theirs. Do t get caught with your proverbial pants down. Get ready to cry, scream, and wrench.

Because our arms extend to hold you and take you back. And it’s you dear Mamas that we long to hear the story of why. And it’s we who weld the swords of truth that will set you free. Fear not for God is near as we right this wrong done to our families. And it’s we who will bring honor restored to our own families.We’ve got the goods. The hard facts from life experiences, like bullets in an invisible gun that takes back all that was said and gives truth and light for all to see that we are our parents children who journey to take back what the canker worm took from us all.

And don’t fear. Please. Just count on us to lead you out of bondage and slavery. We’ve got the GPS to get us all back on course.

What does it profit a woman if she gain the whole world and looses her own soul. And a child come from the most inner soul of a woman. And these souls are coming home.

Again. He warned. This wave of healing is coming for you. Please. Don’t turn these Angels of death away. It’s for your own good that Gods rescinding what man did to us. Man in ignorance, not knowing that we knew all along what was done to us, but now as we unite and research backs us go home for what’s ours.

We don’t hate you. We hate this. Separation of the ninth degree. We are the needles loaded with threads of DNA that are gonna patch this hole up. Trust in yourself that we got you. We want you. We love you more than Adoption does. And this cruel ruler will go down just like pharaoh and will drown this system with our Red Sea of tears.

Take heart dear Mamas. Please. We are all coming. Don’t turn this blessing away.

  • We children are this gift of healing. For we have lived inside this system called love and our swords are cutting the belly of this beast. As we all fall from the belly of the beast called love In numbers, looking like parasites, like Jonah, pail from the bile, looking like ghosts with a messages of truth earned, to kill this beast that took.
  • I’ve told myself, ” I’ve got to tell Mama on them” ” if mama really knew, surely she will be so angry she will help me save others from such a fate”. We, whipped with lies, bear the scares of our warfare for staying true to thine own soul. The souls of our Mothers call us as our Mamas minds reel from the blows.
  • We are the Medicine you need to get free.
  • The parasite Adoption is the one who’s gonna die by our blade now.
  • Take heart. It’s not been easy for ya. And this journeys has been rough on this reroute from hell we rise from a slavery so invisible to help us all see the light of a new day for all children.
  • Get ready.
  • As I crouch low and bow to my god to prove who god really is. Join me while it’s not to late.

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