The enemy is not our mothers. Focus.

Our attention on who the real enemy now.

We the children are the bridge pieces to the promised land. The ambassadors now of two realms who are outing the real enemy now.

Now is not the time for half baked responses filed by ignorance and lies that has left us all wanting, for the cries of children who’s voices are set free to now speak!!

Grab ahold of our hands now as we “scooped” rescoop back what is inherently ours by natural law and unite our Mothers at long last and banish this bad romance forever!

Raised by maleficent! We must bridge this gap and truly stand up for our mothers, woman, young at the time of our removal, old now, worn and needing our care for them both.

As we burn the contracts without our signatures of approval we send the nasty smell of removal to our Gods nose who wait on our marks! We must not let our mothers both, down now. This union proves what man did not realize was done to us all. A mind fuck from hell itself. We right the wrong turns and reroute history forever.

Let us all search our hearts of hearts and remember the mothers obeyed a cruel king and lost it all for us. We must return to them what they paid for in blood and signed in ink being ignorant and fragile lead astray.

  • An army of children armed with swords of truth is being waged against a cruel ruler that did this to us. We rise from the ashes to prove this ruler Wrong.
  • It is we who break this curse upon our families name. As we kill the real bastard of this planet now and vanish ignorance forever. Our words hold the weight of iron!! As we kill this beast!
  • And send a warning to all who deviate from natural law and separate what Hod brought together!! Let us bow. Let us crouch low. And remember our Mothers now. Let us not act as ungrateful bastard but children of our parents.
  • We are the bliss this Ignorance tried to deny our mothers. Let us take heart and use our swords of truth like surgeons and cut the real enemy our forever.
  • We, our parents children war with love after wandering this desert of lies. We, the seeds of hope taken and given and paid for are the redemption that grew from this desert of lies. Our roots run deep. Take heart.
  • And remember. Honor you parents in this task. We are ready.
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