Why is my Mother no longer working? Who the hell broke her!!

I want a refund. I want a lawyer. I want adoption to fix her. They broke her. Not me.

Like what the hell.

I’ve always known where god sent me and to who.

Y’all ain’t even funny hiding go seek my own Mama? Play this Linda for a damned fool you did.

But it ain’t funny no more mother truckers!

She’s broken. I’ve pushed all her god damned buttons. She even verified!! No gas? No something.

I showed her my veins!! With blood the links me to her? Nope.

I’ve said all I could say to get that girl fired up!

Poke poke poke.

She’s in there. I feel it.

I need a mechanic or something?

Or maybe an electrician?

A doctor? No. She’s not sick like that.

Brain surgeon? No. It’s not the tissue. It’s the issues that clog that fine mind I know she’s still got?

Nutritionalist? She is starving herself? Hell? I don’t know why? The tables set? I am an excellent chef! I made money cooking.

Hell. Nana Jean? She taught me the basics. She didn’t even know how to boil water. Just ask her. She’ll tell ya?

First cook book set she bought me? I made chicken flambé’ in a cast iron skillet. Non Griswold. Mama

Showed me the fine wear and how to get it cheap.

I’d love to show her all I’ve learned. But no.

She’s stuck on the side of this road and we need to turn this around and head in another direction.

Maybe AAA can help me tow her or give her some fuel or maybe someone can talk sense into her? Maybe it’s that spark plugs? Or the starter. That’s it. It’s the starter.

Adoption broke my Mamas damn started and I want it fixed!! We got places to go and our promised lands waiting on us. Ain’t none of Morse people getting left behind in this bible version. And that king? Better start running. Once’s mamas up and running? Y’all better watch out!!

She’s a classic. We do not leave a classic stuck on the side of the god damned road!

What’s it take to flag someone down to help me fix my Mama and get her heart and mind and body working. Again?

Adoption! This is on you. I never got a god damned copy of this contract!! Nor did I give my signature of permission!!

I did not even get any guarantees of this being better!! Where’s my refund for all my time and effort and sweat and blood trying to make my own Mama proud!! I did do what she sent me to do. I taught a whole lot of people some lessons about this Linda. And about her the first Linda!

Where my gold watch? Where’s my pat on the back and atta girl! No parade? No celebration? I made it home?

This hunger game suck! This warriors tired and hungry for some of Mama sour dough pancakes.

And she can’t even call me?

Adoptions got her voice and is choking her neck keeping her from speaking up!!

Adoption is abusing us both! I’ve got to get Mama free!!

All joking aside. When’s someone gonna step up and help me? 6 years now. I’ve been asking aid telling the same story over and over and over in different ways? Is that a lie? Hell no.

Why would I make this shit up? Seriously?

I’m now just a prisoner of a war they called love at this point.

Adoption turned my Mama into a zombie and y’all want me to act like it’s ok. Just let her go. They said. She’s not worth it.

Well she worth it to me and God. Cuz God won’t let me have peace.

But Mamas got to call me. That’s the deal. Consent. Daddy messed that all up. I came in peace. And he made war. I’ve grown up to prove his actions wrong. See?

She needed the back story. To know why I’m not letting this go. Why god won’t let it go until she receives the gift only I can give her.

Unconditional love.

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