Everyone told me.

My own mama was a worthless chunk of coal.

I’m glad I’m good at science.

With the proper pressure.

With the proper heat.

The right amount of Time.

And a jewelers eye.


I mean anyone.

Can make coal into a diamond.

It’s takes a genius to show the world how to expose the most precious diamond of all.

She was just 25. And a lady down on her luck.

But now? She’s got me.

You all should have realized when you talked smack about my Mama that I would fucking smack the hell right out of you without touching a hair on your head!!

Mothers matter. I don’t give a shit!!

She’s still my own Mama!!

I burned that paper veil that kept me from her heart. And took on all the haters of my own mother. Even the ones inside her head.

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