A picture says a thousand words.

And the cards don’t lie.

Look at this card. It popped out while I shuffled.

The swan is my Mama. Caught in the sealed thicket. Can you see the skulls of other Mamas that’s below her? Swords. Like words surround her and trapped her.

Can you see the little hummingbird flying above the swan? The cheerleader. Temping then swan to fly.

There’s thorns all around that swan. But that hummingbird ain’t going no where. She’s flying all around working to help that swan get free.

8. My number. The number of infinity.

Do you see the swans mouth? Open. That hummingbirds been feeding that swan. Keeping her alive. Nourishing her to help her get strong.

So she too can fly away.

Many Mamas have died. And have not seen the gifts god sent come rushing back in like me.

Many mothers have languished in the thicket of Myer and muck. Reeling from the most devious of mine fucks on the planet. Adoption practices.

They don’t tell woman about the traumas they will endure. They don’t warn this woman in fragile delicate states that what they do will affect their babies forever.

Shame on adoption.

This little

Hummingbird gonna help her swan mama.

I work till the jobs done.

And she and I can fly towards the light.

Do you see the light?

The light is truth. Shining down so my swan Mama can see what adoptions doing to her.

I’m free. Always was. Always loved her.

But grieved by the world that could not see my Mama in me.

Shame on adoption for being so damn stupid and blind.

I took it all in. And let this abuser get real comfortable. Like a fly on the table.

Them wham!!! Bam!!! Slap!!

Our truth is the only sword that can cut our Mamas free.

Don’t give up.

Don’t back down.

Tell the truth to your Mama.

She needs to know!!

She’s gonna he angry. And all turned around.

But don’t you let all that bullshit back you down. A bullies been taking up residence I. Your Mamas mind.

Your truth will set her free.

Just don’t give up on your Mama within.

Cuz that woman?

Will show you how.


The hummingbird is surround in green.

Green is symbolic of the heart.

Surround in love that bird flies above.

Talking that swan to freedom.

Like a freedom writer. Xox.

I’ll write Mama free.

Next card on top. I’m on a roll. Cards don’t lie. By law of attraction that god made. Gods talking to me.

The hermit card. Virgo. My Mamas waiting for her prodigal child. You see that lamp? Shining bright. And the ring of amethyst that she stands on. Intuition. Theirs eye of forward knowing activated. She wAits for me.

Here’s your sign Mama!! Jump! Fly!

See those birds? Flying. That hermit can fly. She’s just need evidently? Many signs to know it’s time.

IX- 4. Balance. I’m bringing the balance back to my own Mama.

Can’t stop me now Adoption!!

Can’t stop this quarter horse now!!

God opened the gate!!

You don’t own me. I let you think you did you dumb ass loser!!

Trying to steal my innocent love and force me prostitute it to another?

How vulgar.

I told myself over and over and over.

Just wait till Mama hears this?

She’s not gonna be happy.

But she will be proud I stood tall and faces it all for her honor. For gods glory.

Despite!! It all!

I’ve danced with the devil long enough at my own Mamas insistence.

Now it’s time to go home. And feast in her presence I’ve missed sooo much.

This woman. Mama Jean. Ain’t you honey.

La la la. Linda.

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