This is a test.

And let the actions of my family now show how selfish an idea adoption is.

And I refuse to pick sides!! This is a three sided!!! Stop making me loose!! Someone.

I am now almost 60!!! 3 years until I am. Look at what I am pointing at!!

A dysfunctional family dynamic to the three!!

Adoption was not about me. It was about my Mamas and what they want and they both threw me under this bus for their own.

So like a woman. Childish.

I have dared to

Challenge this Hod damned theory before the damn world. And the proofs all around.

Where’s anyone who gives a shit about me?

No where.

I’m in a garage. For two years. Do I want to be in a garage? No.

I’ve called out for help. And yes. I’m upset. And when upset? A lot of shit comes out of my mouth I held in.

You ever get like that? Fed up? 57!!! Does my own Mama give two shits about me?

Do my children give a shit about me?

Did any of my husband give a shit?

I’ll tell you. No.

I’m not a dish rag. I’m a person with God damned needs.

And my family failed Gods test. Gods test not mine.

I’ve just got the presence of mind to know when gods testing.

And today my hearts grieved by this. Which brings up all that. And is making me sick.

Sick. And tired. And living in a god damned garage!!

So don’t. Tell me an adoptee it’s about me or love or god. Because god never left me.

But my family did. Dropped me like a hot potato and threw me around.

God. Told me to go here. So god could show all y’all shit. To show adoptions not about love or children. It’s about everyone else but me.

People get used to abusive lifestyles. They adapt. This is not a good adaption off I can’t even get what I need.

I’m just a voice in this wilderness of woman who want what they want when they want it.

Stripped of my titles. Stripped of everything for them.

Three nails. Three sides. I will not choose sides because a triangle needs all sides.

So. That means two woman and the government surround me and hold me captive to…. an idea in their minds not mine.

Loyalty. What a joke. On these woman.

Not me.

Just my two stage mothers playing me for a god damned fool!!! And a family that doesn’t even have a clue.

Disruption in its purest form. Ignorance in her lowest form.

  1. My people parish for lack of knowledge.
  2. Suffer the children to come unto me.

Cut in half to please.

And these woman dared to call me


It’s abusive.

Hell. Not even you the reader did anything about it.

So. Yeah. Guess gods got us all now.

Beam me up Scotty!! No intelligent life down here!!

God and me are the only ones who care about me and I’m ready to just go home.

At least I give a shit about all the children today wondering, ” where’s my Mama and why did she leave me?” I care enough to stand up and speak even if, and because it’s killing me!!

Dream taker.

Dream smasher

Dream killer.


I’ve got dreams!!!! Just like Martin Luther damn King jr. did! I’m a slave. White! Slave.

And no bathroom for me that read ADOPTED.

At least slaves got their own shit. Heritage. Sold into slavery at two days old by the Man.

Adoption is just human trafficking. It’s dark and deep and sick as hell.

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