Red table results. Medical

I wish I could do this with my family and get our guts and bodies on track.

Just go to the Facebook Red Table Page to see the full episode.

This. Is where medicines going and I’ve seen it coming for years.

In rural California the doctors don’t even take a person seriously when they come in and ask for test. I was quit by doctors who could only give me 15 minutes of their time.

Thank God my eldest child is smart and aware and has been helping me as she helps herself. She spoon feeds me information. Throws links at me like Abe Ruth.

It’s time I threw a few at you all.

Because the guy is so key to health.

My Mama would realize that if she remembers me bringing her Kraut. Fresh homemade Kraut like our ancestors made.

Evidently she’s sick too. Can’t seem to see a blessing coming 57 miles in the coming.

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