Adoption!! You f___d with the wrong Linda this time!

How dare you! Tell my own Mama to do me like this! How dare you!

Don’t give me that gratitude bullshit!

You have no idea what gratitude is.

I’m showing you what gratitude is.

It’s being strong enough to bend like a damned pretzel to to suit you. Not me.

You took my Mama from me. Then gave me your replacement. And expected me to fucking be grateful? Fuck you adoption.

Fuck all you stand for. Fuck your ideas that don’t work. Won’t work.

Because like a god damned Canadian goose held for ransom in a cage. I still want to fly north back to that pour woman’s door. Day in day out. My natural pull doesn’t change.

My body still wants her. Even if you fucked her mind up so bad she can’t even see herself in me screaming!! Take it back! We don’t have to follow these rules anymore.

Much like slaves we adoptees, marginalized, don’t even get our own bathrooms, yet sold for a price, expected to perform as told are fed up with this non color specific cruelty.

It’s a Holocaust of mass per portion compared to the Jews. Where’s our museum? Parade?

Even adoption groups that claim to be on our side turn us away when we dare to speak our truth. I’ve been told by BASTARD NATION, an adoptee group, supposedly helping us? that they don’t care to hear it. Blocked by a group that claims to be mine!!

Our stories. Are their fuel. And yet they turn us away. I was actually bullied by those who were still trying to play nice not realizing that Bastard Nation is just another abuser wasting out precious time. They fucked with the wrong Linda this time. I will put them on blast.

Sue me. I live in a garage. And deformation of character already left the damnable building!

You took what’s mine! I want it back. I want counseling for my family, so we can fucking heal!!!!

Try to tell me this is God again.

God left that building when Moses got sent up river by a god damned bully ruler, for being a first born boy and society still ain’t getting it right!

This slave ain’t no slave!! I know who the fuck I am!! Linda Marie’s daughter! That’s who!

And I want my shit now!

How dare you make me choose!!

That’s what grieves me now! And hits all my buttons that are my Mamas buttons times trillions!

The bastard is Adoption!

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