Just bring it.

Whatever. Just bring it.

And together. We can sort it all out.

We can donate it.

We can burn what’s not needed.

We can lay what’s dead to rest.

Just speak it. So we can both let go.

So we cal all let go.

Like I’ve said before. If Mama ain’t happy? Ain’t no one happy.

Stepping back is ok if your plan is to step forward again.

But backing up just won’t do at this point.

Facing what is is the only way to turn it all around.

This is what I did. And anyone can do the same.

Where it all goes off track is when we just keep holding onto what is.

Accept it.

Then transform it.

Then transcend it.

That’s the prescription.

Truth. Can change when we accept the truth we have and let that truth just escape.

I’m tied through dna to my own Mamas trauma.

So I am helping her face it and to get over what she thought was to accept what truly is so we can forge something new.

And? It seems Mamas never done that.

So. It’s take someone with guts and moxy to lead her away from our past.

That’s me.

Trust? Is something I earn by being honest and pushing all her buttons to show her that I know each button and why and what to do with them.

For years, mamas only seen her side of it.

Now. She can see my side and Mama Jeans.

And yes. I am digging deep to get the infections out. And I’ll dig and dig and dig until it’s healed.

Because. I give a lot of shits that we all win at our games if life.

Mamas not winning right now.

Adoption told her she was. Adoption lies.

But? This win? Adoption didn’t even have a clue about.

But I do. With Gods help. I’ve faced it all.

Now I help my own Mamas face it too.

That’s love.

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