14 days until my birthday….

I pray, and ask god again… I would like my Mama together this year. Please Lord make a way where there is no way. I ask that you clear the debris.

Help my family get over this hump. Give them a burst of faith and wings to fly on.

Its like Adoption holds us all back.

Lord, get Adoption our of our way. Help us all see we can do this and that you will guide us all on our new journey together….

I don’t want my life like this anymore Lord. Please hear my cry.

Thank you Lord in advance. Thank you for forgiving me for speaking up and thank you I was not hung on a tree for it. Thank you Jesus for showing me the truth can set us all free. Amen


How could people even think this little girl could ever forget her own Mama while loving Mama Jean?

Product of a rape? Product of Gods hand… Look at her trying to fit in in a world that could even see?

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