I had to go there…..to

I had to go there to figure out where I really stood with my own family….Now, I know..

I actually thought? I was not here.

I hoped, that my Mama would understand… But, she didn’t.

And now at least I know where I am.

And understanding the woman I came from is very difficult. Like? I just don’t get her.

And, she, does not get me. Nor? Does she even want to get me.

What I learned also, was who I am with is very much loyal to me…..

So I see adoption with new eyes now.

I see Mama Jean in a new way now. And its like all that Linda Linda Linda stuff is just fading away…….

And, that not what I expected, but I am relieved.

I know where I children stand as well…

So the whole experiment has proven to be very illuminating to me.

Because I did not see everyone like I could, and now, I see way better and a better grasp of my place….

It was painful to go through. That is true. And I did not hide any of my shock and dismay…..

Its ok… Everyones got a right to feel how they feel….

Including me…

Mama Jean at the end of this experiment, passed with flying colors…

And for that…. I AM GRATEFUL…

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