Just thought I’d try one last time.

It’s been almost 57 years since my Mama made her decision about me.

And. The only way to the final stage of grief is to go there with her. Acceptance is here.

And my love will not change. But my attention will. My prayers will go up. And I will move on.

This is my bread trail for anyone who’s going through it. This is my testimony to anyone who’s waking up to all the feelings no one saw coming.

And this is my final words to the woman I still love but don’t understand and want to?

I don’t know what she said to me that fateful day but it was a lie. Now I know the truth no one could seem to just spit out and say?

And life not any easier living this way you see? I get excluded all the time. And why not I say? My Mama stared the trend the day I was born.

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