Good leaders know how to follow.

And I’ve followed. I live this life Mama sent me too. But I do see many places we can improve.

Reunions for one. Coming home is a process. Adopting diverts the people involved from dealing with the issue at hand in the minds of woman caught pregnant without a marriage license. Back then that was not a good condition for a woman to be in. And adopting was as good as a woman like that could get.

I’ve followed the path my Mama placed me on. I’ve paid attention. And I know the holes in the system I live. And I am a squeaky wheel in the cog of this mindless trap for children.

What will my baby feel when their grown up about this?

No one even asks a pregnant lady about that.

It’s like well? They will survive. They will be fine.

I’m not fine. I’m weird. I’m strange. I’m crazy.

That’s what I hear? How is that so helpful at the end of adoption day? I’m weird? My Mama gave me away? That’s weird? And the world seems to want me to be ok when no ones ok when they loos their Mother. No one.

Not even Chelsie Lynn who lost me all on her own actions. I don’t blame her. She’s as weird as me. She came from this weirdo.

So either I’m weird? Or I’m just a girl

Who misses her mom and struggles in a world that doesn’t seem to like her Mama? Because she gave me away. No one wants to look at me for they see her. Cuz she there and I can’t hide her? I act like her in many wAy.

And now I am trying to lead my own Mama to

Higher ground and she wants to stay where she at. And a storms coming. And she needs to be safe. Because my people are getting free of this bondage we got placed into.

Those who don’t pick their sides will loose.

Unity of both mothers now is our best course of action. It’s will silence it all. And it will

Show at the end of adoptions day that two woman worked a system to our benefit and won. Friends. Coming together to celebrate a success. We made it through the veil to see each other face to face. And love at the end of the day. United.

Or divided like sheep for a slaughter. But United arm and arm. Woman. Victoria our beat the system and won.

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