Thanks so much everyone for all your help. With my Mama

Ask for help they say?

I have.

Write a letter. I’ve written a few.

Shut up.

I did.

Speak up.

I did.

Explain yourself.

I tried.

Pray to God.


But not even God can make Mama change that mind of hers.

Let her go.

Forget her. How?

Move on.

Did that too.

But folks don’t seem to see that DNA is real.

Thanks for helping me with my Mama when I needed it.

Guess it’s on God now?

God hates me. Not sure I like God anymore. At least not my Mamas God that is.

My God wouldn’t have let me go. My god knows I’m valuable. Cuz my god made me. Me.

This woman writing about her Mama. Who’s valuable to me.

Everyone to busy to help me get back? Ok.

Got it.

I’m fucked.

And so are my people if we don’t play nicely nice and kiss asses so our own Mama doesn’t throw us out again when she learns the truth.

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