Hebrews 11:1 King James Version (KJV)

11 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I’m the substance of my Mamas faith and the evidence that this unseen faith that is real.

And Mama doesn’t seem to see how shy she is from the first decision she made about me and that keeps her stuck and unable to move forward with me.

And I am the only one who seems to have to 411 to turn this woman around. So I can’t give up now. Nor can I back the hell off Victoria.

You back off. Maybe put yourself in my shoes for a moment? You think. You’d just back off? But I know you would never back off. Why? Cuz your all caught up with me and Mama now. So stop trying to tell yourself different.

You all would be as pissed as me. And your pride would not get in the way of expressing your love for Mama either, but it is right now.

If you can’t love me? How can you even say you truly love Mama? I came from Mama. So in fact your doing this to a piece of Mama that she gave away and who came back to work this out.

And your all blocking Gods will. Which is the same will that Mama diverted and used her free will choice to force me to pay for her deeds and not face what is.

I’ve got faith. If gods word says I’m a gift. Then I am a gift. End of discussion.

But I’ll keep paying to help you get all the information your lacking to make a better decision about me.

You all don’t even know what I am really like.

Right now? Y’all just know what I look like angry, upset and trying to get folks to work together on this.

No new narrative will begin until we all begin.

My words are forever going to be here in print. At some moment y’all gonna see what I am saying. And your all gonna see the eggs on your face and I’m the one cleaning it off.

Adoptions done a number on us all. I should know by now who the abuser is. Adoptions abused us all.

Bad planning.

Bad for thought.

Bad idea

Bad reunions for lack of any help on how to even do that?

Bad karma for doing this.

Adoption. Is the curse. Not me.

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