On the family Facebook front.

My last message to everyone. June 28.

What’s everyone running and block for? Me?

Little old me? In California? What threat am I?

Cousin Marcia write the poem and can’t even see the truth that I am the friendship gardener she wrote about? What’s it say again?

Be willing to prune dead branches and snags.

Then what?

In this way honor how lovely they were.

Seems like I’m doing that with Mama? And the whole family?

Yet they don’t seem honored at all do they now?

Do you see? Everyone ran away?

Funny. A contact removed me as admin to my own message? Deep. The extent to take away my voice to even and especially them my family on my Mamas side of the fence she built between her own daughter. Wow.

My Friends are like, she did what?

I’m like yeah? My own family? Weird huh?

They are like yes.

I’ve tried to go visit and work it out?

Crass. Letters. Gifts. Time. Calls. Energy. PrAyers and truth. Truth was when everyone slammed the door on me trying to make me submit to silence. That’s when they hit my wall. Silence? No. Yeah. Been there. Done that. Not going back.

This is the hard part. Standing up and talking about my side that no ones backing up but me and my twitter friends. Our testimony, get a lot of static. Because people don’t want to hear the bad? The failure. But no success is ever without failures. Failures mean we need to change course and try again not give up and fold.

Such a pretty poem.

To bad.

Marcia gave me such hope. And she cooks like a pro. She’s kind of uptight. So is her honey. But. They’ve lost a lot too. I wonder? Wish I would have known her sister my cousin too.

Gran gran is the one I really wanted to meet and auntie O. Great woman. Strong woman.

Where did it all go wrong?

The aunt hill

Stood for something? What?

Oh. I so wanted to go sleep over with Marcia and eat snacks and listen to her stories about my grandma and Mama. She told me some and then the iron curtain descended after my Hitler Mama our the kibosh on our party. Who does that? My own Mama does that? Soooo weird.

Family drama. So fun. Well? I try to make it fun but everyone so serious and selfish. Oh. She wants to do what? Know you. Know her clan?

What’s does my moms side do? Clam up? Dig into the sand god tells us not to stand on? Seriously? I stopped talking to anyone for fear of some kind of retaliations for just being me?

Everyone seem to have an opinion about how I need to conduct myself around them now?

When do I get to be just me? And when will it stop costing me my family to be me? Seriously?

Merry Christmas season people. This is my family tree. Contacts removed from group to all. And all a good day. Joy to the world. Peace on earth and good will to who? Not me? Removed again and again and my family can’t even see they are stuck repelling their own family?

That’s adoption for ya! Such a blessing. I’m so grateful!!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣😵

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