Old habits die hard because sin is a missed mark. Or a marked miss that needs to be turned into a hit.

Sin. Three letters. So powerful when used properly.

People have been using sin all wrong. Beating people over the head with a word we obviously don’t understand yet?

Missed mark.

Marked miss.

Go back.

Hit target

Or risk repeat until proficient.

Levels to it.

S- like a snake that’s with. In. Sin.

It’s in us. Not a monster unless they don’t train our body to transcend our origins set points. Which means excels. Expands. Grows.

That’s the wicked magic my Mama needs to see and realize here. Tough lessons bring amazing results. She had to gamble on me people. Gamble on herself. Which way? Is safe? With me? Without me? She had to make those decisions with little assistance. On a wing and a prayer. And. Had to stick with it to survive. That’s all she knew. And I’m teaching her better. That’s she can now have better.

And I’m all in for better.

I saw the light the day I was born.

In my Mamas dark eyes crying.

And I shouted at the top of my new lungs!!!

Take me back to my queen!!

They did.

But? Mama, was gone.

She checked out.

Her body said goodbye.

Her mind was gone.

Scared the shit out of me.

And my first poop was white. True.

This world scared me, if Mamas are allowed to just stay like that. Surely? Mama was mislead. For 30 years. We must establish the truth.

She doesn’t act happy about all this.

She blames it on me.

I must apologize.

And that’s just dumb.

Sorry? Because I told the truth and you liked the lie better.

Some drugs are more invisible than you think.

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