Adoption. Rejection. What’s the diff? There is none.

Our Mamas pass on us and reject their place as our Mamas. which is a honor, not a disgrace. Being able to create life is a gift.

And the world tries to say it no big deal?

It’s a big deal. And the world is experiencing the affects.

But sadly. We have not figured out all the causes of the affects and try to medicate them away instead of face them.

  • It’s well documented that orphans children experience more immune issues than children kept. And that our mortality is lowered due to the stress of separation from our Mothers to soon.
  • Yet. There’s no real recognition of these affects from this cause because even though adoption has classes that the prospective adoptive parents go to to obtain children, no ones taken the time to factor in the customer service and satisfaction of Adoptions recipients? Wow? Where is our class?
  • I’ve lived as a rejected gift my whole life dears. I assure you I am not falling apart persay. It more of a falling off of a mask that’s no longer needed. I no longer must hide from anyone to be safe. Let alone my own Mama.

And from my data base of memories of feelings going through this lame ass life and living like this has given me much amp to shoot down all the ignorances of the past idea about what’s really going on in adoption land.

The walls of ignorance are coming down. Brick by brick. Inch by inch.

And I’m not the only one working. I’ve never been alone.

Adoption has taught our Mamas self rejection.

And we the children must right there wrongs of our misinformed Mamas. Ignorant no more. And armed with a truth of their own to help us change the way the world sees the mother daughter and son connections.

Stories after stories of tales from those separated and how yet connected some how.

My stories is a story of hope and restoration after unlawful separations.

Adoption has a repelling power.

My children show me the affects as Linda is not a joyous name in my home yet. Which make me exceedingly upset due to Linda being in my name and my skin.

I’ve never seen children now adults dispute any connections to each other’s traits or mine?

They struggle to connect and enjoy our similarities. I’m my own person. Like an island of themselves? No ones affected them but them? Which is ludacrous.

And yet I can see how we affect each other?

So strange an affect this has had on my children and family.

I see all the connections and they seem to see none?

Most families rejoice in the similarities and mine only see the differences?

Good relations come from connections and similarities. That’s a natural response.

Yet in my family I see a more repelling movement going on with each of us.

And if Mamas excluded a price of herself. Me.

Then that must be addressed for it’s at the root of the cause of this affect.

Rigorous acceptance must be applied to bring balance. Meaning. We all. Not just me. Must see the affects I present here to be able to heal and move forward in a more healthy manor.

Yes. You must get dirty to clean something up. Bleach won’t clean everything. It takes mental moxy to clean up a mind mess of an idea.

And to truly clear it out we must learn from all the lessons of rejections.

Breaking ties only lengthens the lies. And prolongs pain of stretched out connections.

Adoptions rhetoric makes my family struggle to unite. No ones on the same page and my family is not even in the library? They, are outside, not me.

And the reign of Adoptions ideas in my family for me is over. A return to natural laws which includes my family within the structure of my own life and a cease of withdrawal on theirs is eminent.

They need me too. Because I’m not dead. Because I am a part of them thrown to some exile. A piece of them withheld for later. That Gods returning to the pack.

The boats was already rocked the day I left. I’m unrocking it and bring back the balance.

And my family got used to living out of balance so long they needed help.

I refuse to allow adoption to keep taking from me!

As Linda’s daughter I stand up and take back what’s mine by birth right. Let no man put asunder what god brought together I say! Now old enough to be fully understood.

She’s my Mama too. That’s a damned fact!!

The proof in my blood. And now spoken out with fabulous diction and using many, many sentence structures to do it many ways, saying it over and over and over!!!

You removed me, but I’ve been crying on the inside my whole life, working on my words…Oh the possiblilities…. Soooo, many ways to tell this, why limit myself? Ive had years of working on just how I felt and feel.

Ive listened and watched my comrades in arms for years…. and remembered their words, cries behind eyes and lips that don’t speak, but they tell me….

And I now form the coo to reject Adoption!!

As one of Adoptions children now grown up. Just like Moses. I stand with my staff, and now beat the truth into you. With my sword of truth I cut away the lies of the past and expose the trunk of society to new growth.

My truth defies what was said and it only takes one to change it all. One pea in a bed changed it. On rock to the head changed it. One finger kept the dike and one finger allows it to burst. I’m withdrawing my finger from adoptions dike. And my sister and brothers are removing theirs it’s only a matter of time till this Hindenburg is burst into flames.

I am the warning shot fired. Just like old Paul Revere. You don’t need to believe me. You will believe me. I’ve foretold it.

And we will hit consciousness with the force of all heavens truth. And the law of nature will return what’s been taken with increase. And I the lord of heaven will heal and sew back together what was separated in ignorance.

Let us learn the lessons of separations and learn how unity heals. Let us fear not the changes and know that God is always within great change.

The master and finisher of our faith. God.

We are all promised a Mother here, as she is the one we come from. Yet Adoption blocks our return with stupid rules and regulations that don’t line up with ultimate truth, by not preparing our parents for a return that is natural and eminent.

Legally. Adoption is wrong and misguided at best. The natural design of our species is linked to connections. Which we seem to have become disconnected with by practicing such things as adoption instead of family preservation and education?

A major repetitive misuse of energies that are detrimental to society. Adoption prepares no one for closure. And seems very oblivious to a wound. It’s practicing insanity. Perpetual insanity practiced by many who are very ignorant to the affects.

Text book abusive relations practices linked to adoption. Adoption is the practice and perpetuation of codependent behavior.

To much weight is placed on the child to perform duties and deny their natural urge to go home to Mother. Children are denied the right to love their own Mamas and parents and family and this has caused a rift in society that most are oblivious to.

Everything has an affect. That’s the law here.

Folks here seem to have forgotten that? Adoption does not get out clean for being named love. It’s a bandage from a stab to ourselves. Self inflicted on us all until we get it right and change our mindsets to reflect natural law. Do plants grow together or apart? We would never taste a tomato if they grew apart? If cells repelled? Children are cells.

Listen, I do not have time to organize this for you. Its coming out as it is, I am wiring it down as all this lovely stew bubbles up. And, Like I am telling everyone here, my family is way off? And I need to get this out there, maybe they can catch some of what I am. telling them? I must try. Theres a lot of info from many sides of this coin. Deep thinker, thats me, now I am writing…..this out. Like ticker tape flowing…..If you feel anything while you read this? Even confusion, I have broken through to you and connected…. And know this, no one can write and make you feel something that has not felt it themselves. This body? Very receptive…I am, being denied my own Mamas love and care, right now, by who? Thats the complicated thing about rules and regs, and mindsets getting set in their ways. She’s denying us both with the support of my own sisters, I ask you, does that seem odd to you? Or strange? Why does adoption just seem to make us look the other way and not recognize the trauma that is clear right here dear people. As I clean up societies mess about me…Senseless bastards!!!! Not ME!!!!! I AM A GIFT FROM GOD AND ALWAYS WAS! MADE BY GOD, LOVED BY MY OWN MAMA SO HELP ME GOD!!!! Screw you, the birther of this idea…its fucked up. Throw it out. Try again. Back to the black board, clean the slate, and begin by putting the children in the middle and work your way out. 


We are pieces of our families still. Precious pieces of our families that must be returned to their places with honor. By society. Released to and supported to go home. No longer bound but free to be who we ultimately and genetically are. And to be supported and revived by our families with respect and honor.

We deserve that. Our rights have been taken and we have been told who to love. Denied who we love. And yeah. I’m kind of sick of it. I’m kind of done with this practiced ignorant no preparations and refusal to face and change within adoption land and the worlds view for that matter.

This situation need global attention for it spans all nations and affects us all when we don’t get it right like this day in and day out choosing separation over unity and calling it love. The world is getting off at the expense of a fucking a child’s heritage to hell! Adoption is a mind fuck of an ignorant idea.

And I am sad that we as a species have not evolved in our consciousness of what family ties mean and how to maintain healthy ties? That society hasn’t not seen the mass affect of its own actions towards itself.

There so much energy that could shift if we knew basic laws of this place? Like attracts like. Yet I was denied who and what I was like. My children denied who and what they are like. And my Mama wonders why we struggle? Back to basics Mama.

Family dynamic and seeing us as family is key for her to understand a thing going on with us these days. I appear to have the ability to see ahead. Guess I’m a seer. I do see and can track trends. This is what’s tending for Adoption and I am informing my family of the trend.

The atmosphere is primed and ready for this change. My people are waking up including and no longer exposing our Mamas and family returning to our rightful placements as designed by God and mammals we live in.

If we want to see the human species evolve and grow we must recognize all behaviors that are detrimental to our evolutions.

We must really weight the cost to the child who’s not supported after the transplant at all. And weigh the cost to the families involved.

Do we choose to be fair? And yet The adoption practice is to strip us of our birth rights and give us other birth rights. Which is a human rights violation. I won’t waver on that one. I’ve waited years for the evidence to present this case.

And my Mama needs to know that no one listened to me. That I asked for her and about her. Many times to many people Who did nothing. Yes. I grew up to be able to do it myself. Kudos to me.

If I was ok? Why did I make sure everyone knew I was adopted? I made sure people knew who I was was not who I was with. I made sure I stood out from the crowd I was within to make sure folks knew I was from another crowd. And I was connected with every adoptee in my town in one way other another.

Growing up watching Martin L king speak about his dream and catching the desire for freedom for my own marginalize people in a play pen. Taught me the value and price of a dream. And I’ve prepaid double.

Tell me I’ve failed when both my Mamas love me to the core and now they are learning why they just can’t block me out. Love overcomes a multitude of missed marks. Love does not cover up a multitude of missed marks and leave them to rot. Love expose the missed marks and shows those arrows until the mark is hit.

My Mamas and society might have missed it. But all you all are watching me Hit that bullseye shit for the win. Mamas are not supposed to raise their kids alone. But we can raise kids better if we keep them at home and just support each Mama to be her best with what and who God send to her.

Adoptive parents. Are still in pain long after they have adopted. We children present issues due to the fact that we are a constant reminder of the children that they lost. Like ghost we remind them of their children and it’s not fair to us. They dress us like they would their own children and theirs no free will to be our own in many cases. It’s rare that an adoptee does not accuse their adoptive parents of being narcissistic due to controlling behavior in the adoptive parents who are trying to be perfect and demanding that the child comply. Which was my case for sure and many others as well I’ve read from their post on twitter and blogs attesting to the same experiences of feeling controlled by the adoptive parents whims.

And how do we the children address such a complex notion? Hmm? No ones even considered the fact that we do get presented with such a complex devalulisation of free will. New word. Our natural will to be us is controlled and steered in all kind of directions we don’t want to go and it creates conflicts between adoptive parents and the child’s genetic natural pull.

I felt harnessed a lot. Like a dog. And it made me have to face that my new patent was blind to my true potential. She could not seem to see and accept the whole me. Which meant I had to hide parts of me. Which was not easy hiding my Mothers and seems silly to even type. But. True. Hiding Linda all day.

I knew it was the truth when I laid eyes on that creature that made me! Oh yeah. Bingo! Just being me drives that woman Mama Jean crazy. And please know this. I’m not trying to drive her crazy. I’ve had to hold this tongue of mine a lot. Cuz Linda and Huey has a lot to say to her about how she treated me. The whole way. I won’t apologize for that was how I stood up for myself in such a controlled environment like some test tube baby.

The difference has always been there. I’ve had to adapt to Mama Jeans idea of how to play this game and play it to learn every flaw. And then play it Mamas way to learn every flaw and the names of the flaws. These woman are infected with flaws from adoption thinking. And we must think better. And see broader to the affects on us all. The full ramification which people seem to not be able to see due to lack of a narrative to be able to make this visible.

Unlabeled pain due to lack of knowledge. Stabbing at ourselves and saying it is someone else. Stabbing at another and saying it was them. Ideas create realities. What reality did Adoption create for you? Tell your story so folks can see what we know to be true as long as we keep practicing an idea that’s a dead end idea at best and a train wreck at worst.

I vote family preservation all the way. Not this half asses shit. So half asses. All in or we will all be out soon.

And I’m all in for telling the damned truth. So some better truth can come in. I’d like to see us all do better but our governing agencies are all out of date. That’s where folks stop dead. Agencies deny conscientiousness evolution by continually practicing detrimental ideas that deny a child what’s rightfully their by birthright. Fact. Walls we built that hold us back from really being Christ like.

What’s the truth on the other side of any wall?

We need to go there.

I’m standing on top of the adoption wall. Waging my hands at Mama!! See me!! I’m here!! I still love you!! I’m still yours don’t give up! I’ll make it right!

I’ve lowered my ladder of knowledge so she can climb up to stand with me and Mama Jean. On top of the wall so all can see us. Both Mamas with me at long last to prove to the world connections are real. And how hard it all was forming all these connections and rewriting them and rewiring then had to happen due to adoption.

And I’m good at connections and maintains them. And to show all the work I’ve had to do to clear my own Mamas connections to me that never got cut but just clogged with lies. Much like a detailed mental bypass and restricting back to nature.

Listen. No one gets thrown to the wolves and doesn’t come back leading the pack. That’s a fact. I’d know my Mama any where. That’s a fact. She’s like a vibration. A song. A perfume. An essence. The day she waltz into my life. She stroked the fire of love that she lite long ago. I waxed poetic like the moon waxes as the sun eliminates one side. She lite up what I had hidden and I to her. Two stars. Bright and shining. She succeeded the moment she stepped in my door but would need some, convincing. Sounds about right.

Daddy had a time convincing Mama. But left me to close that deal forever. He was all in Mama. You rattled that mans cage. He never forgot Linda or me. He knew about me. Renzi’s made sure of it. Hair dressers just know stuff Mama.

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